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8. May 2018.
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21. June 2018.

5 Reasons To Enroll In Computer Engineering At Aspira

One thing is certain: the IT industry is the present and the future of economic growth and the key lever of contemporary business developments. In keeping with modern market trends, Aspira University College has started a Computer Engineering degree program in Software Engineering, offering knowledge of relevant software and computing techniques, preparing students for a successful career in a high-demand field.

Are you interested in the IT sector, modern technologies and software development and wish to pursue a career in this field? If you recognized yourself in this description, enrolling at Aspira is the right decision for you. No matter if you just graduated from high school, or if you are considering transferring from your current course of study, or if you are already employed, but in need of an IT degree to overcome further career challenges.

In order to give you a full picture of the degree program, here are some of the most important things to know about the advantages it brings.

Professional Internships With Top Companies


Professional Internships are a part of the degree program. They take place in Croatia or abroad, in highly respectable IT firms as well as various institutions and organizations partnering with Aspira. Internships are taken very seriously and are a prerequisite for the final exam. In addition to this, professional internships are an excellent reference in your CV or resume; many of our students were permanently employed at the very company where they interned. Career Day is another important institution at Aspira, an event where students forge contacts with top Croatian and international employers in IT and other sectors.

High-End Gear

As with any serious degree program, all our students use modern technical and IT equipment. Lessons can be taken remotely using the latest developments in distance learning. Each student enrolled gets a free Raspberry Pi microcomputer, an eductional device used for programming practice in schools across the world.

Work Study

Professional commitments preventing you from attending lectures regularly? Nothing to worry about. Part time students can arrange individual consults with their mentors. All study materials can be accessed through our website. The Merlin distance learning system enables high-quality video interaction with the professor. If you cannot come to school, you can take test from your computer!

Guest Lecturers

Guest lecturers are a frequent part of the study program, in order for students to fully grasp their future occupation as well as the various challenges facing the IT sector today. The many experiences of visiting lecturers will jointly form a vision of a student’s future career through an understing of the work environment, the types of projects and the challenges they will be facing.

Entrepreneurship Workshops

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to organize and run an IT startup? The answers to this question can be found in our entrepreneurship workshops, in which we partner with entrepreneurs with experience of startup adventures. In addition to offering insights into the “real deal,” these workshops teach students how to find their place in the marketplace using their own creativity, adaptability and the readiness to meet challenges. If there is a sleeping entrepreneur somewhere inside of you, we are certain to wake them up!