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16. May 2018.
30. June 2020.

Boot camp #SummerCoding

Would you like to learn how to create your own website? Take the first step into the world of software development and sign up for the free summer Boot Camp at Aspira University College. To protect you from the summer heat we have modern air conditioned classrooms (see images for details.)

The Boot Camp is a series of free lectures and workshops taking place over a week. You will learn all about IT and gain practical skills needed to create websites. After mastering the basics of web programming you will be introduced to WordPress, the software used to create websites.

No matter if you are a beginner or if you already have some experience, the practical skills will come in handy in your future IT career.

Schedule (program starts July 9 2018 at 4 PM)

Day 1: introduction to the technologies which will be the subject of workshops, HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and a workshop in the computer lab – the design of a simple web page and its display on a local computer.

Day 2: More HTML, CSS and Java Script and coding standards. Lab exercises with an FTP server, uploading and modifying web pages on a server.

Day 3: Web design basics, image editing software, beginning and advanced CSS.

Day 4: JavaScript basics, CMS systems, front end and back end theory. JavaScript workshops, upload and installation of WordPress systems, working with WordPress.

In order to guarantee the quality of workshops and an individual approach to each participant, the boot camp is limited to 20 participants. The program starts on July 9 2018 at 4 PM, at Aspira University College, 65 Domovinskog Rata, Split.

Sign up and book your place today!

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