Professional Internship  is mandatory for all full-time students and is carried out in IT companies and institutions and other public or private work organizations that deal with activities compatible with the Computer Science study program. It is carried out from the first year of study and includes 80 hours in the first and second year, and 450 hours in the third year of undergraduate studies. The professional internship can be based in Croatia or abroad, with one of Aspira’s many contracted partners. This approach to education provides all students with an opportunity to gain first-hand insight into the careers they wish to pursue. As such, it helps them make decisions about their futures. In contrast with a degree program focused on classroom and theory, at Aspira hands-on professional practice is the cornerstone of learning through real-life situations, in a real-world environment.

During their internship students will be involved in the daily activities of their internship hosting institution. They will share in its challenges and help with administration, management and other types of business. Students develop specific situations in their capstone project, the graduation thesis.

The thesis thus results from the internship and enables the student to improve the internship hosting institution.
It is a matter of great pride for a College to have an overwhelming percentage of professional internships grow into full time employment, whether seasonal or year-long. In the CVs and business resumes of many Aspira students, the internship is the first high-value reference.

Basic goals of professional internship:

  • linking theoretical knowledge with practical experience
  • acquiring additional knowledge of computer engineering and other activities by IT companies and other internship hosts
  • preparing for the graduation thesis
  • making contacts that will lead to employment references
  • professional and social networking in the IT sector
  • acquiring good work habits and preparing for the business world
  • erasing barriers between study and career

Career Center

The Aspira College Career Center is in close contact with employers. Its success rate is the extraordinary number of students employed, seasonally for part time students and year-long for full time students. The Career Center is a helpful resource for students when writing their CV and job application. Also the Center provides counsel and guidance. The Career Center is the main connection to Career Day, an annual event enabling students to introduce themselves to the most representative employers from their sector and to arrange professional internships.

Career Day

The Aspira College Career Day is a major event taking place each year. Computer Engineering students will have an opportunity to make the best possible impression on IT company hiring agents. This will open the door to professioanl internships. It is then up to the student to earn future employment through work and perseverance. Returning employers rate Career Day as a prime recruiting center, offering exact numbers of potential employees in the near future. This enabling approach means a great deal to yougn people, however it is ideal also for employers, who have access to a great talent pool which they have themselves helped to form. For the students, it is an opportunity to portray themselves in a favorable light and make a strong impression. Any employer will wish to keep a promising employee. Career Day leads to student internships with market leaders in IT, and thus an opportunity to experience their business model, labor organization and other success factors.

Nikola Dujmović

Span d.o.o. Chairman

Thousands of IT experts are needed in Croatia each year, and this demand is constantly growing. Span intends to employ as many as 70 new IT experts this year. We need agile academic institutions to generate the type of personnel we need. We need them to increase their enrollment quotas and adapt their curricula to the demands of the economy. Even first and second year IT students are highly sought after in the labor market. Top companies from the world over are trying to outdo each other in the benefits they offer.

Vedran Vukotić

HR Cloud, Regional Director & Product Owner

In the networked world of today, Split has an excellent chance to become a digital metropolis. Many firms have noticed this potential and are experiencing ambitious growth. It is paramount that Split’s secondary education keeps up with this optimism and fuels further demand for strong digital professionals.

Marko Vujasinović

Analyticom, Product Manager

Analyticom is a software development company based in Zagreb, with offices in Heidelberg (Germany), Doha (Qatar), Rijeka and Split. High-end computer technology is the foundation of all our products, no exception. We have been developing our own systems for years, and they are used on four continents today, in various environments. We are always looking for high end IT expers and software developers due to the constant increase in the demand for our software products, and our search for new markets.