Computer Engineering Degree Now In Split!
18. September 2017.
Field Work For Computer Engineering Students At Ericsson Nikola Tesla
8. May 2018.

Aspira Awards Computer Scholarship at SHIFT Conference

Leading IT conference in Southeast Europe in its sixth installment confirmed the high expectation visitors have come to develop. With over 1500 participants, this year’s conference was the biggest so far. Over 20 interesting lectures were given by representatives of firms such as GitHub, Twitch, Atlassian, GitLab, Heroku, Google and Facebook. Lectures and presentations were enriched with the latest IT news, with mobile application workshop being especially popular with conference attendees.

Aspira University College introduced the Computer Engineering degree program and awarded a valuable scholarship in the amount of 90 thousand kuna (over 12 thousand Euro.)  The scholarship contest also proved highly attractive, with many attempting to solve a logic test. The turnout was predictable, given that the award represents a full three-year scholarship for the highly prestigious Computer Engineering degree. Future Aspira student Mia Pavlinović had the highest score, winning the scholarship.

Ivan Burazin, founder of the conference and one of the two persons in charge, said the idea behind SHIFT is to bring top experts from the world over so as to have access to the latest trends and insights through the lectures and workshops which constitute the conference. Burazin is well aware that SHIFT is the type of event that drives development and growth. Due to market needs, increasing numbers of people are becoming software developers. “SHIFT has seen many companies come with recruiting in mind,” he adds, giving perhaps another reason for the strong numbers attending the conference.

Toni Trivković of Startup.HR also had a hand in organizing the SHIFT conference. He expressed his delight with the freshly concluded event, pointing out the great importance it has for the city of Split. The founder of Startup.HR added that the plan was to position Split as a Tech City. As demand for IT experts in the market is set to grow further, he has a kind word for every initiative which helps to train the personnel to meet this demand. Aspira’s new Computer Engineering degree program certainly falls into that category.