Highly Trained IT Experts Find Jobs Easily
28. May 2017.
Aspira Awards Computer Scholarship at SHIFT Conference
25. January 2018.

Computer Engineering Degree Now In Split!

Aspira University College has started a Computer Engineering degree program in Split with a gala event. Representatives of the City of Split and of Split-Dalmatia County welcomed the new bachelor of science program in Computer Engineering. The curriculum was carefully put together by a number of business partners, a point which was emphasized during the panel discussion “Humans to Drive Market Appeal of IT in Croatia.”

Employers Recognize Aspira

The highlight of the gala opening was the signing of business contracts with leading IT firms from Split. Representatives of Adriatic.HR, HR Cloud, Manas, Profico, Span, Siemens and the Shift association were thus gathered under one roof. Aspira students will have professional internships with these organizations, thus obtaining first hand experience in their chosen field.

Humans in IT Panel Discussion

Aspira is the driving force of societal change through the production of highly trained staff able to produce significand added value. Education is the key factor in the transformation of Croatia into a land of knowledge. The demand for such employees is great in Croatia and also in the international marketplace. Computer Engineering is one of the most highly sought after professions, with competences to succeed in the present and in the future. These are in short some of the insights from the panel discussion with Aspira’s guests: Mateo Perak, co-owner of Profico and board member of the Cisex software exporters’ association; Vedran Vukotić of HR Cloud; Goran Škugor of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Paško Ivanović from Span; Helena Librenjak from the Croatian branch of Siemens; Zdravko Blagdan from the Adriatic.HR travel agency; and head of the degree program prof. Žarko Nožica, PhD. They agreed that the Aspira Computer Engineering degree program was a certain success due to its focus on real life projects, team work, proactivity and the acquisition of business skills. The gathered employers recommended to present and future students the acquisition of business skills, expose themselves to technology and learn from real life projects. They acknowledged Aspira as a university college with the highest value of knowledge at graduation, meaning students choose their employers rather than be chosen. Dr. Nožica rounded up the discussion by pointing out that enrolling at Aspira enables students to take control of their lives.