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28. May 2017.
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Highly Trained IT Experts Find Jobs Easily

IT experts are among the most highly sought after professionals in today’s labor market, with every indication of this trend continuing.


The Croatian labor market is enriched every year with a new generation of IT engineers, however a number of these seek their fortunes abroad. Some do so in hopes of higher earnings and better work conditions, while others aim to travel the world and do as they please.

According to the Croatian Public Employment Bureau, IT industry is the one most scarcely represented in their index of unemployed persons. They are also the sector with shortest employment waiting times. Both factors make IT one of the most desirable career paths.

Considering the constant growth of the IT sector, many companies recognize the importance of investing in the most essential resource: the people. The lack of highly educated staff is constantly cited as a main problem for empoyers, due to constant emigration. There is without a doubt more than enough room in the market for fresh recruits. Software developers with Aspira degrees especially are virtually guaranteed employment.

The Software Engineering degree program involves programming from year one. Through intense focus on specific tasks, with plenty of professional practice and workshops by practicing experts, graduates will be able to face any challenge in an IT engineer’s career. That they will get that job seems certain.

Nikola Dujmović, CEO of Span d.o.o.

“Thousands of IT experts are needed in Croatia each year, and this demand is constantly growing. Span intends to employ as many as 70 new IT experts this year. We need agile academic institutions to generate the type of personnel we need. We need them to increase their enrollment quotas and adapt their curricula to the demands of the economy. Even first and second year IT students are highly sought after in the labor market. Top companies from the world over are trying to outdo each other in the benefits they offer.”

Marko Vujasinović (Analyticom), Product Manager

“Analyticom is a software development company based in Zagreb, with offices in Heidelberg (Germany), Doha (Qatar), Rijeka and Split. High-end computer technology is the foundation of all our products, no exception. We have been developing our own systems for years, and they are used on four continents today, in various environments. We are always looking for high end IT expers and software developers due to the constant increase in the demand for our software products, and our search for new markets.”

Vedran Vukotić, Regional Director & Product Owner, HR Cloud

“In the networked world of today, Split has an excellent chance to become a digital metropolis. Many firms have noticed this potential and are experiencing ambitious growth. It is paramount that Split’s secondary education keeps up with this optimism and fuels further demand for strong digital professionals.”